Keynote Speaker & Enrichment Presenter


Are you looking for an exciting, high-impact keynote speaker to engage & entertain your audience?


Whether delivering a keynote speech at an international conference, or providing a fascinating after dinner/luncheon enrichment presentation for an organisation or socal group, Ash will deliver huge value, great entertainment and sheer enjoyment for any gathering.


He can provide a wide variety of Interesting presentations for community groups throughout the Bristol, Somerset, South Gloucester, Gwent, and Mid Glamorgan areas (he may also be able to support events in other areas with prior consultation).


Our Audiences:


He provides dozens of presentations throughout the year to a wide variety of client groups, these typically include:


41 Clubs

Tangent Groups

Rotary Clubs

Probus Clubs

University of the 3rd Age

Womens Institutes

Community Groups

Day Centres

Special Interest Clubs

Luncheon/Dinner Groups


To name but a very few of his varied audiences.




Ash's presentations all include video and sound content and last between 45 - 60 minutes depending upon the requirements of the host group.


He is fully equipped with the very latest technology and accessories to provide your group with an unforgetable presentation experience.


- all that is required at the presentation location is a screen or blank wall and access to an electricity socket

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Portfolio of Presentations


The Nobel Prize - This presentation takes the audience on a journey through the fascinating history of the World's most prestigious international award ~ presented for excellence in the fields of; literature, medicine, physics, economics, chemistry and peace, the Nobel Prize is the elite, global accolade. This talk explains why Alfred Nobel established the award, how individuals and groups are selected for the honour and considers some of the more well-known and celebrated Nobel Laureates. This intriguing talk, has been created by one of our own presenters, who has researched this theme at the Nobel Centre in Stockholm.

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Dracula: The Man Behind the Myth - So, you think you know about Dracula? The Prince of Transylvania, who lived in Bran Castle and was the sadistic tyrant of his people?  You couldn’t be more wrong!  The reality is far more fascinating and heartbreaking than any film or legend. - A thrilling presentation created by one of our own presenters (owner of land in Transylvania and a firm fan of the tragic ‘Voivode’) will leave you amazed about the life of the man who nearly changed the entire course of history and that over 65% of modern day Romanians would choose to be their president today! - Due to the nature of some of the content, we recommend this presentation to those aged 12-years of age or over only!


The British Honours System - This presentation takes the audience on a journey through the British Honours System, including some of the lesser known awards and stories of some worthy recipients. We demystify how to nominate someone for an award, how the selection process works and what to expect if a letter suddenly drops on your doormat from the Cabinet Office. This presentation includes video and sound and is suitable for audiences of all ages and has been written by a veteran of the Honours System, who has successfully nominated several individuals and groups for national honours.


Uncle Bill: Britain's Forgotten Hero - This presentation explores the life of Bristol-born soldier, Field Marshal, Viscount William 'Bill' Slim. Known affectionately as 'Uncle Bill' by his soldiers. Slim commanded the 14th 'Forgotten' Army in the bitterly fought Burma Campaign of WW2, recovering from the 1000-mile retreat from Burma to India, only to return 2-years later to defeat the Japanese in the steaming jungles of South East Asia. In 2011, a survey conducted by the National Army Museum saw Slim voted  as Britain's greatest general. Now largely forgotten by the British public, this presentation reminds us of his humble beginnings, his early military career and his later life as Governor General of Australia, as well as the high-points of his Second World War successes. This presentation includes video and sound and is aimed at all audiences.


Animals at War: The Dickin Medal - This delightful and often emotional presentation takes the audience on a journey through the recent history of animals at war. By useing examples of some remarkable creatures who, through extreme gallantry or devotion to duty, have been awarded the Dickin Medal - known as the Victoria Cross for animals. We are able to see what a huge contribution to human history, has been made by creatures of all kinds - from the largest to the smallest. This presentation includes video content and sound and is suitable for audiences of all age ranges (warning: bring a handkerchief - it is a tear-jerker).


Douglas Bader: Reach for the Sky – This fascinating biography takes the audience through the remarkable life-story of arguably the most iconic fighter pilot of the Second World War. Bader joined the Royal Air Force in 1928 and soon became one of its top pilots, only to suffer a near fatal air crash, in which he lost both legs. He overcame his disability to return to the cockpit, where he flew the iconic Spitfire as one of ‘The Few’ who saved the nation in the historic Battle of Britain, becoming one of the most decorated airmen of that pivotal campaign. Having downed 22 enemy aircraft, he was shot down in 1941, spending the remainder of the war in the foreboding Colditz Castle as a POW of the Nazis. The remainder of his life was spent as a tireless campaigner for the disabled, for which he received a knighthood in 1976. This presentation contains video and sound and is aimed at all audiences.



Public Speaking: How To Survive It! – Public Speaking, or Glossophobia to give it it's official title, affects over 75% of the population and can hinder the ability to achieve success in many walks of life. This 1-hour presentation, featuring sound and video content is delivered by a guest speaker with vast experience of delivering keynote presentations on the international stage and gives tips and advice on turning your public speaking fears, into communication success. Suitable for novices seeking advice, to experienced speakers seeking advanced guidence.


Senior Safety Presentation - This presentation is aimed at older adult audiences and explores the extent of the ageing population and some of the safety challenges faced by elders in society today. With a strong focus on empowerment through education, the presentation explores the dangers of financial exploitation from doorstep crime and  telephone, mail and internet (e-mail) deception-type scams. We offer tips and advice on staying safe - as well as signposting seniors to some other useful resources.

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Senior Road Safety -  A themed presentation on driving in later life, specially written by our resident Roads Policing expert. This informative presentation includes a nostalgic look at how driving has changed over the decades and provides tips and advice on staying safe on the roads in one's elder years. This presentation includes video and sound and is aimed at everyone, but particularly senior drivers and road users.

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Professional & Custom Appearances


As an experienced presenter he is also able to assist in conference facilitation and guest compere services if your organisation requires a professional edge for an event you may be planning for the future.


If your group or organisation needs to promote itself via a presentation in a conference or major event, or are planning an awards ceremony, please get in touch, to see if we can use our experience to your benefit


Don't worry about the scale, our team have hosted charity dancing competitions & country dog shows as well as international conferences and are happy to discuss all options.

Ash in DJ


Ash is able to cater for events across the full spectrum of social protocol, from day-time community centre gatherings of a dozen people - to after-dinner speaking functions with hundreds of guests ~ or high-profile ceremonies with VIP attendees.


His experience includes giving presentations throughout the United Kingdom and also speaking at confernces and seminars in Germany, The Netherlands and the United States of America


However, if you are planning an event in your community centre and expect 10-guests - don't rule us out! He is here to help - please get in touch to discuss if we can assist.

The Cost - Expenses & Fees


Appearance Pricing:


We do not make any set-charges in relation to our speaking and other services, but offer a truly bespoke service, which is entirely dependent upon the needs and requirements of the client.


Please get in touch to discuss the event that you have in mind and how we can provide assistance to make your occason a resounding success.


You will be surprised at the affordability of the services provided and the impact that a professional host/speaker will have upon the success of the event.  



Travel to Your Event:


If your group, or the event that you wish us to assist with, is outside our usual travel areas, we may still be able to assist, but will discuss travel expenses on an individual basis. This will typically include the organiser covering the cost of airfare, train tickets, etc. and accomodation expenses.


Please be advised, in such circumstances, we only re-claim the ACTUAL expenses (i.e. reimbursement of costs) rather than cost-per-mile or any additional enhancements for the distance away from the presenters home-base location.


Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements - you will find we are remarkably modestly priced for the level of professionalism that our services offer.

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