Public Speaking & Communication Skills


The ability to communicate in a public speaking environment is an essential skill for anyone seeking success in most professions. This begins when you attend for your first job interview, to situations where you may be required ro present projects and proposals to colleagues, clients and even the general public, regardless of whether you work in the private business, or public sectors.


I have extensive personal experience of public speaking and presenting at all levels, from small meetings of professional colleagues, to international conferences with hundreds of delegates. I have been commissioned to provide communication skills training to substantial, public sector organisations and small charitiable institutions and can assist you to make a positive impact as a public speaker or event presenter.



Bespoke Training Provision


I aim to provide a truly bespoke training service, regardless of the size or requirements of the client. You may simply seek a 1-hour presentation on improving public speaking and communication skills for a massed audience, or team meeting at your organisation or, you may seek the provision of a programme of structured training to your organisation at a variety of venues and locations accross the country.


I have experience of both and would be delighted to discuss how I can use my experience to improve the skills for you, or your organisation. Please get in touch to discuss your needs further.

Ash Media




Coaching others to improve their communication skills has been a passion of mine for many years. I am able to develop the public speaking skills of leaders and any individuals, who seek to add polish to their ability to deliver career-improving presentations in any number of situations and to speak with confidence and credibility in all avenues of their lives.


Please get in touch to for an honest discussion about how I can get you on the right path to public speaking nirvana.

Ash. Ahmadiyyan


Contact Me for Detailed Information


Everything I do with a client is unique to that individual and tailored to their specific needs and requirements, so please feel free to get in touch to see how we can work together to get the best out any collaboration.


My coaching process is based around my own experience of over 10-years as a regular, professional speaker at all levels of delivery.


You will find I offer remarkable value for money for the service I offer, which will be tailored to your own, specific reqirements.